Russ & Daughters Breads

We bake all of our breads every day at Russ & Daughters Bagels & Bakery. -Shissel Rye Bread: Niki and Josh (of the Russ family) realized that NYC was in need of the most traditional Jewish-style rye bread, so when they started Russ & Daughters Bagels & Bakery, this was one of the very first products. Deeply-flavored rye like none other, you’ll be sure to enjoy this with smoked fish and schmears. --Pumpernickel Bread: Real pumpernickel is rare, and this is it! Baked every day at Russ & Daughters Bagels & Bakery – and best enjoyed with smoked fish, schmears, herring, and all sorts of appetizing delicacies. --Challah: Russ & Daughters bakes the most traditional challah. Perfect for your holiday celebration or Shabbat table, or an time you want a taste of tradition.

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