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Breakfast All Day (Big Squirts)

Make it a Waffle-ly Day

Pancakes Are Delicious

Eat More Eggs

Omelettes and Scramblers

Meet the Benedicts

Egg Sandwiches

Groovy Starters and Sides

Sandwiches and Platters (Big Squirts)

Fantastic French Toast Dreams

Jumbo, Cheesy, Super-Yummy Grilled Cheese

French Fries

Big Salads

Hot Sandwiches

Cold Sandwiches

Hot Signature Sandwiches and Melts

Such a Special Blue Plate

Build Your Own Burger

Pop Burger Platters

Build Your Own Pop Dogs

Baby Squirts

Gluten-Free Gang

Vegetarian Selection

Mac the Knife


Splits and Sundaes

Deluxe Shakes


Ice Cream Sodas